Our Adoption Journey!

A journal of our thoughts, feelings and steps in the process of adopting a child with significant special needs.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Would you adopt an older child?

I would! Lately we have been looking at some great kids who need homes.....they have moderate to severe disabilities and have been in foster care for a long time! A couple kids in particular have touched my heart and I really hope they find the families that are meant for them. One little boy has a smile so like my Ethan's. He is eleven and has cerebral palsy, and I would be thrilled if I was chosen to be his mom. For us, adoption isn't neccessarily about wanting another baby in our family, it is more about wanting to share our home, our hearts, and all we have to give with a child who might not otherwise find a home because of their significant needs!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Saw this on another blog and thought it would be a great getting to know you idea!

A book I highly recommend is: I read constantly, and love Sci-fi/fantasy, but series I can read over and over are: Twilght Saga, The Belgariad, Lord of the Rings series

A movie I watch over and over is: Harry Potter with my kids

A T.V. show I watch regularly is: I actually don't care much for TV, but will watch House and Law and Order with my husband

I love to collect: Fabric and yarn

My favorite thing to buy is: new clothes and toys for my kids because I get to see how excited and happy they are, and plants for my garden

A smell that makes me pause is: the smell of a brand new baby

My favorite sport to watch is: hmmm, I really don't like to watch any

My favorite restaurant is: Maharajah Palace

A moment when I achieved absolute happiness was: When I was married to my wonderful husband and then again when I finally held our son for the first time.

The music I listen to most is: Classical and New Age

My earliest memory is: Getting stung by a bee at my dad's construction site

My favorite flower is: Thistle

A game I like to play is: Kinnect Wipe Out with the kids

My favorite hobby is: sewing and knitting for my kids

A singer or band I currently listen to the most is: Possibly Enya

My favorite quote is: “Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don't Matter and Those Who Matter Don't Mind.”

I drive a: Diesel E350 Turbo equiped with a wheelchair lift most of the time, but sometimes our Infinity I30 and other times an RV

If my house was burning down and I could only rescue three things, they would be: My husband, children and animals.

The city I would most like to visit is: I prefer the country side in it's natural state to any city in the world. I would like to do some humanitarian aid in Africa.

My favorite meal is: Lamb du piaza

Someone or something that made me laugh this week was: My daughter Chloe, she is a crack up!

My first paying job was: Cashier at Marshals department store

The memory that still makes me laugh is: Mark being able to clear a room with his terrible gas at just a few weeks old!

My best birthday was: My tenth. I wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll for a very long time, but they were too expensive and hard to find, and on my 10th birthday my mom found a store that had some and took me to pick one out. His name was Jeffery Irv, he was bald with blue eyes and two dimples dressed in a blue sailor suit....then when I was in 8th grade I gave him to a little girl who was homeless for christmas.

A smell that reminds me of my childhood is: The smell of CK1 cologne, it reminds me of the smell of Chrismas when I was a little girl.

The story behind my name is: My name was suppose to be Matthew, as utrasound said I would be a boy. I guess it wasn't very reliable back then. I am not sure how they came up with Rebecca!

My favorite color to wear is: Earth tones

My strangest possession is: Maybe my industrial snap press?

My favorite dessert is: home made ice cream and brownies

When I exercise, I like to: swim or hike

My favorite thing to do on a date is: We have four kids, so any time we are out alone is a treat, but to be honest I would rather be with all of them than away from them!

The best vacation I ever had was: Ethan's Make A Wish Trip to Wizarding World of Harry Potter and spending the week with 11 great families including Kurt Warner's

The best thing about being married is: Having someone I am comfortable talking to a bout ANYTHING!

The thing I am most passionate about is: My family

Favorite Cereal: Old fashion crunchy granola

Favorite Hobby: Sewing and knitting and sculpting