Our Adoption Journey!

A journal of our thoughts, feelings and steps in the process of adopting a child with significant special needs.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I hate not having any news to post about....

....and I haven't got anything new to post about right now. The agency facilitating Theo's adoption has received our home study a week ago. Hopefully it has given them a better idea of our family situation and given them something that they can present to Theo's family so they can decided if we are the right family for this little boy. We know we still have a few weeks before the courts certify us to adopt....I anticipate this around the second to third week of July. I am anxious waiting as life can not keep me busy enough to not think about this sweet little boy waiting for his forever family and just hoping and praying it will be someone who is ready for the challenge and will love him no matter what. I know the transition from his interim care to his forever family will probably be quite difficult and I have been preparing my self physically and mentally in the event that WE are the ones that get that phone call telling us we can come and get our baby and at the same time preparing myself emotionally as well as everyone else here in the event that we are not the ones chosen. In our home this week following Ethan's surgery we have still been working very hard on getting back to where we were before "recovery" which went smoother and faster than I anticipated for Ethan. He is already back to using the potty because transferring from the wheelchair to his special toilet chair isn't as difficult or painful as we thought it would be and the cloth inserts in the gdiaper help him remember that he needs to use the potty rather than a diaper for toileting. His teacher will be thrilled about this when he goes back to school in August because it has been one of his IEP goals this past school year and at times he was a little difficult about doing it because he didn't want to wait for an aid to be able to help him and it was easier to use the disposable diaper. Now in the gdiapers he is really proud when it is still dry every time, even over night, when he asks to use the bathroom. It is a VERY big accomplishment....for all of us.