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A journal of our thoughts, feelings and steps in the process of adopting a child with significant special needs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Registries

Just my list of mostly wants, but a few still needed items as we get ready. We have all the immediately necessary items. And of course I am still waiting for the news of if Theo will be our baby and then I will be asking specific details to make it as smooth a transition as possible, like what brand and style bottles/nipples he takes. We already know what formula he is on so are making sure we have at least one can of that type on hand, although with the last report I got on his feeding difficulties we may be talking to the doctor about the possibilities that Neocate might make feeding easier on his tummy. All of my kids experienced sensitivity to Similac formulas, so it could be as simple as changing over to enfamil but we are keeping an open mind that the Neocate may be the best option for possible food allergies.....maybe even go so far as to finding a breast milk donor if it means he will be more comfortable and be able to grow and enjoy life right now.

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