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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prim Rose Bonnet

All of my Bonny Wee Bonnet sets start with and inspired hat. The Prim Rose set was originally designed for preemie size babies, but I have finally gotten a pattern written for the bonnet in size 3-6 months. If you use this pattern, please consider making a donation to our adoption fund at the top of our blog page in the right column. Please also follow our blog as we hope to eventually add all the patterns for each piece of this beautiful layette.

Prim Rose Bonnet

Needle size 4 mm

Small amount white and color of choice Bernat Baby Sport yarn

CO 60
Garter Stitch (knit every stitch) 3 rows
Next row purl (wrong side)
Stockinet stitch next 20 rows
Decrease as follows:
*k8, k2t* repeat to end
K across (wrong side)
*k7, k2t* repeat to end
K across
*k6, k2t* repeat to end
K across
*k5, k2t* repeat to end
K across
*k4, k2t* repeat to end
K across
*k3, k2t* repeat to end
K across
*k2, k2t* repeat to end
K across
*k1, k2t* repeat to end
K across, break off yarn, leaving a long tail, thread through remaining 12 stitches and pull tight and sew back seam along decrees edge.

Lace Trim

3.25 mm needles

Cast on 4 and knit one row
Row 1: K2, yo, k2 (wrong side)
Row 2 and every even row: Knit
Row 3: K3, yo, k2
Row 5: K2, yo, k2tog, yo, k2
Row 7: K3, yo, k2tog, yo, k2
Row 8: Bind off 4, k to end
repeat these 8 rows for the pattern until you have a long enough length for front of bonnet ( Mine took 14 triangle points to match the length of the front of the bonnet)
Sew lace trim to front of bonnet.

Neck edge and tie

PU 52 stitches along neck edge and then CO 18 stitches
K across
K to last 4 st k2t, yo, k2
K across
Weave in loose ends and securely affix button closure.
If desired embellish with knitted or crochet flowers and leaves or embroidered flowers.

Pattern by: Becky Bright of Bright Creations 2011 for the Bitterblue collection.